Over last decade or so, the traditional gap between East and West in women’s fashion has dramatically narrowed as the two cultures inexorably move in each other’s direction, resulting in a creative fusion of Eastern cultural heritage and the latest Western trends. Inspired by this, Asian Spirit bases collection on Indian and Arabic fashion, but takes into account the cultural and climatic features of Russia. According to Eastern traditions, Asian Spirit rests in their collections to the traditional idea of ​​the nature of the woman, her inner world and its corresponding appearance, formirute so comfortable neo-oriental style, which doesn’t violate the internal balance of a woman, no matter what culture it may lived. It is amazing the shape and texture of eclecticism is gaining popularity not only in the usual Asian cultural centers, such as Singapore or the United Arab Emirates, but also in Western metropolitan areas.
Asian Spirit’s philosophy is founded on the core principal of returning to the very source of what it is to be female, the intrinsic roots of true femininity. Asian Spirit invites each of its female clients to take a deserved pause from the distractions of the outer world, and to peer deep into herself. In these rare moments of introspection and self-investigation, the garments she then chooses will reflect and resonate the wealth of what she discovers, amplifying her inner beauty and her sense of true self. Asian Spirit will help you to create an individual look infused with the energy of five Natural Elements — Earth, Fire, Air, Water and Ether – each of which protect a woman and the sanctity of her world, bring inner peace and calm, and help to project an aura of impenetrable mystery and sensual enigma.